A note to my Son,

I've avoided trying to figure out Obamacare, too complicated.

When the right wing Bible study I was attending was studying a book on spiritual disciplines ( Spiritual Disciplines at DonsNotes.com ) the section on "The simple life" talked about helping out the poor instead of buying a bigger yacht, I pointed out that if Christians had been following the Bible, the government would not have had to step in and do it for them.
There wasn't much comment in response to that.

However, when I was visiting the Davis' recently, Wendy [psychologist] said the part about healthcare for people couldn't get it at a reasonable price otherwise and coverage for pre-existing conditions was good, but they didn't like many of the other provisions. I didn't get a chance to talk to her about details.

One thing Bill [M.D.] pointed out was that when he started out a significant majority of physicians were independent, while now there are only about 10% who are not working for "big business healthcare".

My suspicion is that to get the law passed Obama had to cave in to big business healthcare (money talks in DC; what's new!) and had to put things in the bill that benefited their administrative bureaucracy and profits at the expense of the actual individual healthcare providers.
Having private health organizations instead of a government plan for the uninsured was one of those things.
My comment on that is you have the choice of two evils.
1. Have the Government who is well intentioned, but inefficient do it.
2. Have private big business who who are more efficient do it, but they are top heavy and more concerned with profits than actual care.

Having doctors like Bill Davis, who take the Hippocratic Oath seriously, is the best solution, but that has gone the way of the family farm, local grocer, etc.

If you see any more good links on Obamacare let me know. I could spend the rest of the year trying to figure out what's good and bad about it. I've got other things to do, but add more links with un-biased articles (if there is such a thing) to this page.

FactChecking 'Pernicious' Obamacare Claims

last updated 29 Sep 2013