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Executive - 2009

 -Barack Obama 

Vice President
 - Joe Biden 
Cabinet at whitehouse.gov,  about.com and Wikipedia 
  International and Security: 
                  State: Hillary Rodham Clinton 
               Defense: Robert M. Gates  
    Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano 
      (See also Natl Security Adv & other (FBI, CIA, DNI, ... below)
             Treasury: Timothy Geithner 
           Commerce: Gary Locke 
           (See also: OMB, Economic Advisors, Economic Council,
               Fed Reserve, below)
   Environment and Energy: 
                Energy: Steven Chu
               Interior: Ken Salazar 
               (See also EPA Council on Environmental Quality  &
               Energy and Climate Change Policy)
     Attorney General: Eric Holder, Jr 
           Agriculture: Tom Vilsack 
            Education: Arne Duncan 
Health & Human Svcs.: Kathleen Sebelius 
              Office of the Surgeon General OSG
                       Rear Admiral Steven K. Galson, M.D.
              Office of Health Reform Nancy-Ann DeParle
Housing & Urban Dev.: Shaun Donovan 
                 Labor: Hilda Solis 
        Transportation: Ray LaHood 
       Veterans Affairs: Eric Shinseki

Cabinet Rank Members:
  The Vice President: Joe Biden
      Chief of Staff: Peter Rouse (interim)
           EPA Admin: Lisa Jackson 
                OMB: Jeffrey Zients, Acting Director
 National Security Advisor: James L. Jones
    (Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs)
    Serves on the Natl. Sec. Council (NSC), Chaired by the President.
 U.S. Trade Representative : Ron Kirk 
Other :
Director of Natl. Intelligence  - DNI: Ret. Admiral Dennis C. Blair
          CIA Director: Leon Panetta
          FBI Director: Robert  S. Mueller, III
Chrmn. of Joint Chiefs: Adm. Mike Mullen

  U.N. Ambassador: Susan Rice 
  Federal Reserve Chairman: Ben Bernanke 
Executive Office of the President and White House Office:
National Economic Council (Lawrence Summers),
Council of Economic Advisers Austan Goolsbee,
Securities and Exchange Commission (Mary Schapiro),
Economic Recovery Advisory Board (Paul Volcker),
Council on Environmental Quality (Nancy Sutley), Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change (Carol Browner), Office of Science & Technology Policy (John Holdren), Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra, Domestic Policy Council (Melody Barnes), Office of the First Lady, ...
(A) - Acting
(N) - Nominee
§ - Not confirmed by Senate
See: Cabinet at whitehouse.gov and  about.com.
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- Supreme Court

U.S. Courts:
U.S. Courts of Appeals, U.S. District Courts, U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.
US Circuit Court Map

Pro Open Space, Anti Sprawl, Pro renewable energy, Greenhouse gas reduction, friend of the environment.
League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Environmental Scorecards
In 2006 Obama had a score of 96 and Biden 93. Both scores were lower in 2007, Obama's because of missed votes due to campaigning. (A missed vote counts as a negative vote.)

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