It used to be that the Wealthy were associated with Republicans and Poor with democrats.
Democrats supported unions and blue collar workers.
The main line protestant churches were Democratic and the Evangelical churches were Republican.

That seems to have changed.
In 2016 Donald Trump appealed to the rust belt and blue collar workers.

White mainline protestants have shifted republican since Obama was elected president.

Catholics were considered more conservative than mainline protestants, but in the 2016 election 60% of protestants voted for Trump, 52% of Catholics voted for him.
Pope Francis is promoting liberal issues like climate change and the moral imperative of economic inequality.
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In Their Coastal Citadels, Democrats Argue Over What Went Wrong - WSJ

The Democratic Party's white working-class base has deteriorated with the diminishing ranks of organized labor. Even within that typically reliable voting bloc, fissures emerged. Exit polls show that 43% of voters in union households went for Mr. Trump, just 8 percentage points behind Mrs. Clinton.

For decades, Democrats have been losing support from the white working class. In presidential elections of the 1990s, those voters split evenly between the parties. By 2012, white voters without college degrees favored millionaire Republican Mitt Romney over Mr. Obama in all but one competitive state, Iowa

"The future of the Democratic Party lies in Georgia, Arizona and Texas and places that are going through this demographic revolution," said Steve Phillips, the co-founder of Democracy in Color, a group vying to energize more minority voters. "It does not lie in rural Wisconsin."

Fisher Investments ranked states from low to high per capita income and indicated where both houses of the state legislature were the same party.
State Legislatures

U.S. religious groups and their political leanings | Pew Research Center
U.S. religious groups and their political leanings | Pew Research Center

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