Just a few I've heard of see links below for many more.

 Americans for Prosperity, Koch Brothers
The John Birch Society, Arthur Thompson, Koch Brothers
Cato Institute | Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Peace, Edward H. Crane, Koch Brothers
The Heritage Foundation, Edwin Feulner, Jr
American Conservative Union |, David Keene
FreedomWorks | Lower Taxes, Less Government, More Freedom, Dick Armey
News Corp, Rupert Murdoch
Christian Coalition | Defending America's Godly Heritage!, Pat Robertson
Family Research Council (FRC) | Pro Marriage & Pro Life Organization, James Dobson, Tony Perkins
BrightBart News
AltRight.com, Steve Bannon
Campaign for Working Families (CWF), Gary Bauer
National Rifle Association (NRA), Wayne LaPierre, Charlton Heston

Organizations | Right Wing Watch
The Enemies Within: The 20 Most Dangerous Conservatives And Their Organizations - The Christian Left Blog

last updated 24 Apr 2017