last updated 10:30 AM 4 November 2020

I used recommendations from the League of Women Voters and 3rd hand from a Progressive Pundit.
Most of the Ballot Measures are sponsored by special interest groups. Sometimes good and sometimes bad.
See Voter Guide 2020 | KQED or other guides to see who the supporters are.
Prop LWV lp $ for $ against results %F %A Comments
Prop 14: Stem Cell Research ? Y $16M $250 51% 49%
Prop 15: Schools & Communities First Y Y $68 M $74 M 48% 52%
Prop 16: Opportunity for All Y Y $0 $1.6 M 44% 56%
Prop 17: Restore Voting Rights Y Y $1.5 M 0 59% 41%
Prop 18: Voting Rights for 17-Year Olds Y Y 1.2 M 0 45% 55%
Prop 19: Property Tax Breaks N Y $47M $45 K 58% 42% N exacerbates an already inequitable property tax system - offering tax breaks to people who do not need them. Providing tax breaks to homeowners over 55 who purchase a replacement home, and allowing them to "transfer" their current tax assessment to a new home anywhere in the state, does nothing to help low-income seniors or families struggling to find housing. This proposition would allow not just one, but three such transfers. Senior citizens are already allowed to keep their current tax assessment when they purchase a home of equal or lesser value.
Y Net improves funds for government, and equity for most. let grandparents move to safer ground, while stopping the kushners from passing on their real estate.
See Voter Guide 2020 | ballotpedia
Prop 20: Rollback on Criminal Justice Reforms N N $2 M $23 M 38% 62%
Prop 21: Local Governments & Rent Control ? Y $40 M $95 M 40% 60%
Prop 22: Rideshare and Delivery Drivers ? N $204 M $20 M 58% 42% Y - Overrides Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5), which created the presumption that a gig worker is an employee, rather than an independent contractor. So yes means they are independent contractors and Uber , Lyft, and DoorDash do not have to provide benefits.
N - drivers are classified as employees and must receive benefits.

See Voter Guide 2020 | KQED
Prop 23:Kidney Dialysis Clinics ? Y $9 M $105 M 36% 64%
Prop 24:Consumer Data Privacy N N $7 M $51 K 56% 44%
Prop 25: End Cash Money Bail Y Y $15 M $8 M 45% 55%
LWV League of Women Voters
LP - Liberal pundant SEE ALSO: Voter Guide 2020 | KQED
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