I don't check facebook very often, but thought I'd take a look today after the RNC.

The first few posts relative to the convention were all things such as "Like this post" if you'r for Trump or "Where were the riots? There coming next week in Philadelphia at the DNC."

I finally got to a couple which made sense. They were from the two most intelligent people who's posts I got.

One pointed to Fareed Zakaria's column in the Washington Post.
America would be Trump's banana republic - The Washington Post

Zakaria says,

"Over the years, I have watched campaigns in third world countries in which one candidate accuses the other of being a criminal, sometimes even threatening to jail his opponent once elected. But I cannot recall this happening in any Western democracy until this week.

We have descended so far so fast that it is sometimes difficult to remember that this is not normal. It was only eight years ago that the Republican nominee, John McCain, interrupted one of his supporters who claimed that Barack Obama was an Arab and thus suspicious to explain that his opponent was in fact "a decent family man [and] citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues."

The other pointed to Rick Lax's link which had a series of side by side similar (good and bad) comments about Donald and Hillary, and said , unfortunately most people only look at the comments on one side only and says if you want to learn more listen to people who disagree with you.

Trump or Hillary

As most of you know I'm a RINO (Republican in Name Only), an Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower Republican, which makes me a Socialist in today's republican party. It gives me cred with my evangelical friends at church. I vote as an independent. 3 Republicans, 3 Democrats in the last 6 elections.

Eisenhower's 1961 Military-Industrial Complex warning speech 3 days before Kennedy moved into the White House is a good read. Remember it was during the cold war and a military strategy of "Mutually Assured Destruction" with the Soviet Union.

In it Eisenhower says,

"Down the long lane of the history yet to be written America knows that this world of ours, ever growing smaller, must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect."
"May we be ever unswerving in devotion to principle, confident but humble with power, diligent in pursuit of the Nation's great goals."
BTW 3 of 5 the most liberal supreme court justices in our recent history (since 1935), Warren (former Republican governor of California), Marshal and Brennan were appointed by Eisenhower.
See The Supreme Court Ideological Leanings .

Eisenhower was raised a Jehovah's Witness, but became a Presbyterian in 1953 right after his inauguration. He mentions spirituality three times in the speech. Religion was easier back then without divisive issues such as "right to life" and LGBTG. It wasn't till years later when journalists found out they could get more readers by digging up dirt that an alleged affair with his female driver was brought to light.

My beef isn't with Trump, but the journalists who's penchant for publicizing his kind of rhetoric get him the publicity. Why does OJ Simpson get more publicity than the more than 20,000 innocent people killed by guns in the US each year? Where's Walter Cronkite when you need him? It's $$$

I told my progressive friends I'd leave the GOP if the tea party people took it over. I'm upset with all the otherwise intelligent people who voted for Trump. I haven't decided yet if it's too embarrassing to be associated with them.

One black man who called into the Leonard Lopate Show (WNYC - New York's public radio station) said he's voting for Trump so Washington will get so messed up that our politicians will be forced to work together again to fix it. I kind of like that idea. :-)

In 1993 my wife, Joanna, was a leader in a NJ Organization called the coalition for inclusion, with the same goals as the GOP's Rainbow Coalition now. They were recruiting African Americans, Hispanics and Asians into the Republican party and encouraging them to take leadership positions.
In 2016 the Trump campaign seems to be alienating minorities.
See Voices From Donald TrumpÕs Rallies, Uncensored - The New York Times
See also:
Anger in Cleveland | The Atlantic Video
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Voices From Donald TrumpÕs Rallies, Uncensored - The New York Times
Pro Trump Posts

Some posts from my christian conservative friends in NJ and some HS classmates in California: If You're On the Fence About Your Vote, This Pastor Clarifies How the Very Future of America Is At Stake Ñ Charisma News

Some excerpts:

The Democratic platform contains many points which are anti-biblical.

The 54-page GOP platform is one of the strongest GOP platforms ever.

Both candidates are flawed. We all know that. But permit me an analogy: As a pastor, I would rather deal with a church attendee who is blatant and brash in his sinning than one who is devious, lying, cunning and deceptive.

Great article if you take the time to read it. The summary: Trump has such a large citizen following because the "Republican Establishment" ( elected folks, consultants, big donors) are happy being like Democrats as long as they keep their positions of power in DC. And they have ignored the citizens last three elections. Trump comes along and says, " I know what is bothering you and I will carry your voice forward. And in my humble opinion beyond his shocking vulgar narcissism...he is right and different on just about every major issue.
Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right - POLITICO Magazine

Equality means equality. Males 18-25 must register for the draft with the selective service. Females do not. But now the Obama administration wants females to have total equality with males regarding combat and the military. So should all females 18-25 have to register for the draft, as in mandatory? That debate is now beginning. Just want to keep you posted on where your Utopian government is moving.

Watching the news on CBS just now, the headline: " World Leaders from 150 countries will meet in Paris tomorrow and through December 11 to discuss Climate Change." Seriously? 12 days?The world is literally on fire from Muslim militant groups on five continents and spreading unabated. And it is difficult to get leaders to seriously address the issue. But whether or not the planet will rise by 2 degrees or 3 degrees in the year 2050 and whether or not it really means anything... Yes let's meet for 12 days. That my friends is your answer to the question as to why people are losing confidence in their elected leaders and gravitating towards "odd balls."

John Zmirak is a Christian and an intellectual writer confronting the popular culture and the anti Christian movement contained within Democrat political ideology. He is brilliant in his defense of faith and the founding principles of our country.
Christians Must Unite to Fight for Freedom | The Stream

See Republicans and Democrats on civil rights for how fear of people who are different has solidified the republican party.

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last updated 8 July 2016