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Thailand Facts and Figures: 

Currency: 43.6 Thai Baht/$

Ethnic groups: :
Average Income:  
Safety / Crime: 
Some things to watch out for:
* If you ask taxi dirvers to quote a rate to a place the price will be higher than if you ask to go by the meter.
* Taxi and tuk-tuk drivers will offer to take you around for a very low cost (e.g. 50 BT). In between sights they will take you to places where they get a big kick-back and prices are inflated (e.g. tailors, restaurants (some may be ok), boat rides). They may tell you the place you want to go is closed, but they know another place that is better. Don't believe it.
* At a tourist site you may accidentally meet a well-dressed young man or an older, distinguished man who tells you about a jewelry house with a promotion or annual sale and are told that you can make 100-150% profit by reselling the gems back home. Don't believe it. See Thai Gem Scam
Health risks: See  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
Time Zone: GMT+7
Place Zone Examples
Bangkok GMT+7 8AM 10PM
San Francisco PDT GMT-7 6PM 8AM
New York EDT GMT-4 9PM 11AM
New York EST GMT-5 8PM 10AM
Weather: Thai Meteorological Dept., Yahoo

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