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clarke's resturant winters earthquake 1892
Clarke's Restaurant on Main Street, Winters; rear view. April 1892
Source: Vacaville-Winters Earthquakes...1892, by John H. Bennett, Division of Mines and Geology,
Published in California Geology, April 1987  

At 2:50 AM on April 19, 1892 there was a Magnitude 6.4 quake at Vacaville and just two days later at 9:43 AM there was a Magnitude 6.4 quake at Winters just 11 miles to the north.

- Vacaville April 19, 1892, M6.4, 1 fatality, $225,000 in property loss
- Winters April 21, 1892, M6.4

faults in the  Vacaville-Winters region
Faults in the Vacaville-Winters region. After Wagner and others, 1981, and Wagner and Bortugno, 1982.

In "Vacaville-Winters Earthquakes . . .1892 Solano And Yolo Counties" - California Geology, April 1987, Vol. 40, No. 4. John Bennett concludes:
This study supports the earlier conclusion by Dale (1977) that the source area of this earthquake sequence lies within the hills bordering the valley west of Vacaville and Winters. The evidence further supports a conclusion that the source area lies northerly of Vacaville and east of the crest of the Vaca Mountains, thereby eliminating the known Holocene-active Green Valley fault, or other faults within Napa County. This earthquake sequence appears to have originated within an area of some six to eight miles in width centered on the English Hills, the area extending from near the Sacramento Valley margin to just west of the Vaca Valley-Pleasants Valley trough.

Within this area possible sources of the 1892 earthquake sequence include:

a) an unrecognized thrust fault or faults related to the development of folds along the western margin of the Great Valley, a source similar to that which produced the 1983 Coalinga earthquake,

(b) a concealed fault within the Vaca Valley-Pleasants Valley trough, possibly the northern extension of the Vaca Fault,

(c) a bedding plane fault within the steeply dipping Great Valley sequence.

The significance of the Vacaville-Winters earthquakes has become more apparent since the 1983 Coalinga earthquake focused attention on the seismic hazard associated with the western margin of the Great Valley. It is highly probable that both of these destructive earthquakes were the result of the same tectonic processes taking place in similar environments. Logic dictates prudent planning for seismic hazards mitigation all along this major boundary and most certainly in the rapidly urbanizing counties east of San Francisco Bay.
Source: Vacaville-Winters Earthquakes . . .1892 Solano And Yolo Counties By John H. Bennett - California Geology, April 1987, Vol. 40, No. 4.

bartolet buildging winters earthquake 1892
Bartolet Building, Winters - San Francisco Examiner

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