Mount Shasta

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SWS Mountain Guides is the premier mountain guide service on Mt. Shasta. Under the same ownership for over 34 years we have been leading Guided Ascents of Mt. Shasta via Avalanche Gulch, Casaval Ridge, West Face, Hotlum/Bolum ridge, Hotlum/Wintun ridge, as well as more advanced routes on the Hotlum Glacier.

Climbing Mt. Shasta FAQ | Mount Shasta Avalanche Center
There are several non-technical routes on the mountain. Avalanche Gulch is the most popular and has the easiest access. Clear Creek has become a popular alternative to Avalanche Gulch, but has a very limited season, usually during the month of June. It is a safer late summer route than Avalanche Gulch due to less rock fall hazard, but the snow pack melts out earlier and the deep ash and scree make the climbing miserable. The Cascade Gulch route used to be considered long and easy, but changing conditions over the years have turned this climb into a technical route where it crosses the upper Whitney glacier. West Face Gully has also become more popular as a harder non-technical route that has some challenging steep sections. It is usually at its best from mid-May to late June.

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