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last updated 16 Jan 2019
Natalie Corona, a 22 year old rookie police woman, was shot and killed Thursday evening, January 10, 2019, when responding to a traffic accident in downtown Davis at 5th and D st. She had just finished her field training in December.

The shooting occurred just before 7 PM. The UC Davis warnme system sent out a campus alert at 7:28.

I got the alert from my son who was still connected to the UC Davis campus alert emails.

A friend was at a downtown restaurant and stayed there until some people told her they thought it was safe to go out. Her car was stoped leaving downtown at a traffic check where they looked for anyone hiding inside.

Police said, " It was a resolute ambush by a city resident on a bicycle who rode up to an accident scene that she was investigating Thursday night, then opened fire with a hail of bullets from a semiautomatic handgun." After he emptied his magazine, he reloaded and started shooting up the neighborhood. One round went through a backpack a young woman was loading into her car. Another hit the boot of a firefighter.

He ran back to his rental home a few blocks away.
He was identified as the suspect when authorities discovered a backpack he left at the scene.
They surrounded the home. He did exit the house at one point wearing a bullet-proof vest, "shouted some stuff" and went back inside, Pytel said. Limbaugh later exited a second time holding a firearm to his head, then again went back indoors..
After hearing a single gunshot officers sent a robot into the house . Limbaugh was found to have shot himself in the head, police reported..
Police never fired a shot.

He was identified as Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, a 48-year-old man who was ordered last fall to surrender a semiautomatic rifle after he was convicted in a battery case.
He had two semiautomatic handguns.
They found a letter on his bed saying police targeted him with 'ultra sonic waves'.

They are putting blue ribbons all over town.
A memorial at the site with a "Thin Blue Line" police flag.

A Davis Police Department honor guard has been stationed with the fallen officer, who passed away shortly after being transported to the UC Davis Medical Center, and will remain by her side until she is buried.

See an article on officer Natalie Corona at Sac Bee

A Yolo County Probation Department assessment identified Limbaugh's "criminogenic needs" - issues that could impact his risk of reoffending - as "education, employment and financial," according to a report contained in Limbaugh's court file.

Limbaugh's public defender in his assault case, Monica Brushia, said there were "no red flags and what happened was totally unexpected."

Wendy Walker Davis Ph.D. a clinical psychologist in Davis offered the following perspective.

This is tremendously tragic. Officer Corona was a part of a police department that has been committed to the values of community policing, cooperative programs such as the restorative justice program with the Human Relations commission.

Officer Corona, who spent two years working as a community outreach officer, saw her role as a community helper and positive role model.

It is hard to believe that this would happen in the Davis we know. However reports this morning seem to indicate that this may be another example of guns in the wrong hands and an unstable mind. I hope in addition to honoring a precious life lost we will continue to have a dialogue as a community, about how to address the factors that led to this tragedy.

In the meantime prayers for all...