Clara McBride Hale
Born: 1905-04-01 New York City
Died: 1992-00-00 
Field: Activist
"Mother Hale" founded "Hale House," 1969 in Harlem to care for babies born to
drug-addicted mothers; received Living Legacy Award, 1986.

Martina McBride
Born: 1966-07-29
Birthplace: Sharon, KS
Field: Country Musician
Famous for: My Baby Loves Me 

Will McBride 
Born 1931, St. Louis, Missouri

Christian McBride
Born May 31, 1972, Philadelphia
Musician - jazz bassist

Matt McBride

Matt McBride
Cleveland Indians minor league baseball player

Danny McBride
Born: December 29, 1976 in Statesboro, Georgia, USA 

Claude Maurice "Turk" McBride
Born May 30, 1985 in Camden, New Jersey
Defensive end for the Detroit Lions

Bake McBride
baseball player - 
National League's Rookie of the Year, 1974
born February 3, 1949 in Fulton, Missouri
Drafted by  St. Louis Cardinals played for the Philadelphia Phillies' 

McBride is a series of two-hour movies for the Hallmark Channel
that premiered on January 14, 2005,
McBride, a  disillusioned former member of the LAPD who becomes a lawyer,
is a curmudgeon with a heart of gold. He takes cases based on their merit
rather than on the paycheck.

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