In Jacobs' biography he says:
Like Lyndon Johnson, Burton was above all a virtuoso at legislating--to the invariable benefit, in his case, of working people, the poor, and the environment. As Jacobs documents, Burton was a major force behind the enactment of OSHA OSHA, mine safety laws, and a vast enlargement of the national park system. Just as important, it was Burton more than anyone who transformed Congress from a semi-feudal network of unaccountable committee chairmen to a body where party caucuses actually could control the general direction of legislation.

Once, while talking with one of his proteges, California Congressman George Miller George Miller, Burton allowed that he regarded the GGNRA--the Golden Gate National Recreation Area--as "a thing of beauty." Miller responded that the park had many lovely features. "Not the place," said Burton, appalled. "The bill."

Burton's House seat is currently held by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who won a special election in 1987 upon Sala Burton's death.

A Rage for Justice: The Passion and Politics of Phillip Burton by John Jacobs. (University of California Press)
You're in Your Mother's Arms: The Life and Legacy of Congressman Phil Burton, by Judith Robinson

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