last updated 14 Apr 2021
Most recommended:
Locktite Polyurethane roof and flashing sealant - can fill gaps
      Youtube video
Permatex Weatherstrip cement - most recommended
Tear-Aid Patch - Type A | NRS
Repair-Clinic has lots of glues, selants, replacement door boots:
   Washing Machine Adhesive Replacement Parts |  Repair Clinic
   Washing Machine Tape - W11238399 | Repair Clinic
Can I use polyurethane adhesive as a sealant? | Reddit
They both say "100% Polyurethane" Polymer chemist here: they can have totally different properties even if they say "100% polyurethane." PU is what we call the "backbone." From there, we modify it to have any number of different properties depending on the final application. Washing machine gaskets: absolutely no leakage and permanently elastic -- K Trade Fair
Washing Machine gaskets are made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber. EPDM does have high tear propagation resistance properties, | forum