I was trying to figure out which hand held vacuum I have was best for my car. Their suction was rated with 2 different measurements.

Milwaukee M19 compact vacuum 40 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Dyson V8 115 AW Air watts

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Airflow (CFM) - it is the quantity of air sucked by the unit in 1 minute, measured in cubic feet (ft3/min).
Range 40 - 200 CFM

Air Watts (AW) - The amount of Watts used by the machine to carry a unit of air through an opening (usually the vacuum’s nozzle)
100 AW (Dyson V7); 185 AW (Dyson V11); 270 AW (Dyson Ball Animal 2 corded)

Water lift (inches of H2O) - The unit is completely sealed and connected to a tube which contains water. The higher it raises the water level, the bigger suction it has.

Some also rate the motor power in Amps, Watts or Horsepower.

Air Watts = 0.117254 * Airflow (CFM) * Water lift (inches of H2O)

Dyson V8 vs. V10: Is The V10 Worth The Premium Price?
Dyson V8 54 cfm, V10 59 cfm

Dyson V11 vs V10 – Extensive Comparison - Vacuum Cleaners Advisor

V10 41 cfm, V11 59 cfm

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