This is for a Model 550, but applies to others.
If you get water behind the crisper drawers, usually frozen it is a clogged drain.

This is a common problem. There are a lot of posts on the web not only for sub-zero, but other makes.

The first time this happened I defrosted it and stuck a small plastic tube up from the bottom (You have to remove the drain pan and get at it and make some kind of system [i used a straw taped to a broom handle to position the plastic tube by the opening.]
The instructions at sub-zero say not to stick anything inside the tube because you might damage it.
I loosened up what looked like mud. Maybe a bug tried to make a nest in there.
'This worked for about a year, then it started again.
This time I couldn't get anything from the bottom but squirted a bleach solution down the tube with a turkey baster. I got some white gunk out, but it started freezing again right away. I was still getting small white flakes out. I was worried the tube was deteriorating, but when I let the flakes dry they turned into a powder. Some kine of organic material I guess.

  1. Turn off the freezer and refrigerator with the dial on the inside.
  2. If there is standing water in the trough that runs across the back wall, remove the water with a turkey baster or sponge.
  3. You can use a hair dryer to to help melt the ice.
  4. Mix one quart of warm water with 2 caps full of bleach and a few drops of dish detergent to make a solution.
  5. Squirt or pour the bleach solution down the drain until it no longer overflows into the refrigerator and drains into the pan below the unit.
  6. Remove the kick-plate at the bottom of the unit.
  7. Remove the drain pan when done, and clean it out since solution sitting in the pan could damage the plastic. Push in at the top middle of the front of the pan to disengage it from the slot above.

200/300, 500 and 600 Series Refrigerator Drain Tube Cleaning | FAQ | Sub-Zero and Wolf

last updated 22 Mar 2017