last updated 28 Feb 2024

I tested the best 10-80w solar panels on Amazon | Todd Parker Top Rated ≤ 50 W Solar Panels in a few reviews BigBlue SolarPowa 28W $60 Victron BlueSolar Panel 30W 12V Monocrystalline $36 Renogy 50W $46 Would still keep the computers on a UPS. They may switch faster. Modem 9-12 Watts 0.6 Amps @ 120V 200 W Power inverter Tesla's powerwall gateway Enphase Best 50 Watt Solar Pannels | teknonel Power inverter DC to Ac see power_inverters.html Shed Lighting | Ronnie's Workshop 14 awg

 Renogy 50W pannel $46
Renogy Wanderer solar charge controller $18
HWE LifeP04 12V7AH battery lithium deep cycle $28
6 10W LED  total 8 amps @12v = 96 Watts

Run Time Ah/Current*60
7/8*60=52 min
Charging Time
Ah/charging current
7/2.96 = 2 hr 36 min

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Lights (I used old lights I had, these are similar)
Battery   $28
controller $18
solar panel  $46
Sub total                                  $92
10 ft cables
blue tooth         Renogy Bluetooth Module RJ12 Communication Port
fuse holders
blue led strip
3 way connector
wire strippers
14 guage wire