microfiber is excellent for dusting and scrubbing because of the static-charged, woven fibers. The combination of polyamide and polyester is incredibly strong and soft, and microfiber towels absorb 7 times their weight in moisture!

No fabric softener, no bleach, no heat - that’s all you have to remember!

Powder laundry detergent very often leaves a soapy residue in fabric, and many liquid detergents contain strong perfumes and fabric softeners right inside the detergent. That’s great for clothes, but bad for microfiber.

To strip wax off your car, your supposed to wash with a dish detergent, such as dawn (as mentioned). If it strips the wax off your car, it'll strip it off the towels too.

Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator.
If you have a High Efficiency (HE) Washing Machine, then Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator is your best option.
McKee's 37 Microfiber Cleaner

Low heat in dryer - high heat in the dryer will melt the polyester fibers
Don't mix with other clothes. The static nature of microfiber will attract every bit of lint from other garments. Wash and dry microfiber separately".

Get Auto Wax out:
One forum said hot water was better, but most said to use cold.
Wash in cold water only. Warm water can be tolerated, but hot water cannot. Polyester and polyamide both shrink in hot water. If you wash in hot water the fibers will shrink and the towel will not perform as intended.

I put them in the wash and it left a filmy deposit al over the washing machine. I used meguires paste wax. So the question is how the hell do you wash these things after removing wax?

One recommendation was to pre-wash in a bucket. Links:
Microfiber Care Guide | autoGeek

last updated 10 Oct 2018