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The realtor for a friend hired a photographer who did a very good job.
He used a full frame SLR with a wide-angle 11-16 mm lens.
He told me that focus was a problem.
On ultra-wide lenses, the auto-focus also faces new challenges since objects just a few meters away can be quite small and hard for the AF to lock onto.
See How to Get the Best Results from Ultra-Wide Lenses

At Photography For Real Estate they recommend a lens between 16 and 24 mm.

3D Walkthrough - Virtual Reality:
This technology is recommended for better $500,000 and more homes.
It will
Matterport is one of the most popular cameras used for this.
They say:
Photo galleries, 360° panoramas, and fly-through videos lack the feel that home buyers and sellers crave.
Their cameras will also generate a floor plan.

An areal view taken from drone is also popular with houses on 1/2 acre lots and more with good landscaping.

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last updated 2 Feb 2018