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last updated 13 Sep 2023

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The vast majority of wines are meant to be drunk right away, say Gaiter and Brecher.
See a More below.

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Here are two examples under $10, which wine connoisseurs turn their nose up at, but they have a following.
cd Two Buck Chuck
Beginning in 2002, an entire generation seemed to come of (drinking) age with $1.99 bottles of Trader Joes Charles Shaw wine lovingly (yes, lovingly) referred to as Two Buck Chuck.
It became popular for many who want to enjoy wine without spending a lot of money.
They eventually sold 800 million bottles between 2002 and 2013. At the 28th Annual International Eastern Wine Competition, Shaw's 2002 Shiraz received the double gold medal, beating approximately 2,300 other wines in the competition.
Interest in wine was continuing to surge in the United States. In 2013 Charles Shaw raised the price to $2.49 in California and more elsewhere. In 2023 they lowered the price to $1.99 again.
In 2003, Frank J. Prial of the NY Times "Wine Talk", wrote "The Charles Shaw wines are relatively dry for inexpensive wines. This puts them in competition with more sophisticated table wines rather than the bag-in-a-box wines. Wine is supposed to accompany food and Charles Shaw will do that quite adequately. "

In the 70's Gallo Hearty Burgundy was my goto wine.
I haven't seen it in a store, but in 2023 it was still listed online but out of stock.
I like Bogle Essential Red at Costco at $7.49 and Trader Joes at $8.99 . The Wine Idiot said "WHOA, Wine Enthusiast gave it 90 points!!! I have to admit, I wasn't that impressed. But at least I agree with what they said: "A sleek texture and delicious, focused fruit flavors like cranberry and black cherry make this full-bodied wine mouthfilling and compelling. It offers density and richness, too, which helps extend the lightly sweet finish." However, both my spellchecker and I disagree that "mouthfilling"
see Best Cheap Wines Under $10 | VinDulge

My cousin in Napa who spent most of her career working for Joseph Phelps, who's Insignia was wine of the year in 2002 and goes for $300-$400 per bottle in 2023, saw my wine rack 10 years ago and asked me
"Why do you drink that rot gut".
Fortunately I have some high end wine hidden away that I share when entertaining and with friends.

See Expensive wine and cheap plonk taste the same to most people | The Guardian


A few from some of the many lists on the web:
Most are in the $10-$20 range.
A few of the varieties my friends and I like with my bias toward California.
Beringer Founder's Estate California Cabernet Sauvignon $9
Kendall Jackson Vintner's Reserve California Chardonnay ($14)
Rodney Strong Sonoma County Chardonnay ($14)
Bogle Old Vine California Zinfandel ($12)
Penfolds Koonunga Hill South Australia Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon ($12)
Robert Mondavi Winery Napa Valley Fumé Blanc ($16)
Frescobaldi Castiglioni Chianti ($14)
Frescobaldi Castiglioni Chianti ($14)
Decoy Sauvignon Blanc 2021($20)
Parducci Small Lot Pinot Noir 2020 (15)
Buena Vista Pinot Noir 2018 ($17)
Abacela Winery Grenache Rosé 2021 ($20)

The twelve best wines of 2022 | Forbes
Range from
$20 Feudo Disisa Lu Bancu, Catarratto Montreale, IT, 2020:
$30 Stark Conde Three Pines Syrah, SA, 2016:
Joseph Phelps Proem No. 1 Freestone Estate Pinot Noir, Napa Valley12 best
, 2018: $225
Vine Hill Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, 2019: $269

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