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Dehydration techniques have come a long way in recent years. Old technology left as much as 30% moisture in the dehydrated products. Nor did these poorly dehydrated foods store very well. With present technology, moisture levels have been reduced to 2% or 3%. Gone are the pliable dehydrated foods. Now they break with a crisp "snap" when bent. With moisture levels reduced to 2%-3%, storage life has been increased to several years.

Dehydrating is best when using a dehydrator because it is more energy efficient. If you must use an oven, be prepared that your home will be heated and your energy bill might be a bit higher than usual.
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The review of the Sedona SD-9000 says,
"For raw foods enthusiasts, this is especially important because it means that when you set the Sedona dehydrator at the recommended temperature of 118°F, you can be sure the temperature will not exceed this setting, thus protecting the activity of enzymes that are harmed at higher temperatures."

Dehydrators: (a sampling)
Brand cost trays tray
watts adjustable
timer comments
Nesco FD-37 & FD-39, FD-35 Snackmaster $39 4-5 13½ diam 400 n n
Nesco Snackmaster FD-60 & 61 $65 4-12 13½ diam 500 y n
Nesco Snackmaster FD-80 $80 4-8 14" x 14" 700 y n
Nesco Gardenmaster Digital Pro FD-1040 $140 4-20 15.5" diameter 1000 y y
Excalibur 3526T $250 5 15" x15" 400 y y
Sedona SD-9000 $370 9 15" x 13" 600 y y computer controlled
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Homemade Dehydrators:
You can make your own dehydrator

You can even use your car as a dehydrator.
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