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I just listed my home and had a lot of problems with their web site,
So started documenting some things I needed to know.

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Instant Book is a setting that lets guests who meet your requirements 
automatically book your space without you having to respond to their reservation request.

If you want guests with only positive reviews:
As an Instant Book host, you can allow only guests who’ve traveled on Airbnb and
 are recommended by other hosts.
 If you’re uncomfortable with a reservation, you can cancel penalty-free online, anytime.
Learn how to turn Instant Book on or edit your Instant Book settings:
How do I turn Instant Book on or off? | Airbnb Help Center

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Common Amenities:
10 most searched for amenities on Airbnb |
  1. Pool
  2. Kitchen
  3. Free Parking
  4. Pet Friendly
  5. Air Conditioning
  6. Wireless Internet
  7. Washer
  8. Jacuzzi
  9. Television
  10. Heating

Airbnb top 10 bonus amenities for 2018 - Hostfully
  1. Crib / Pak n’ Play
  2. Bicycles
  3. Beach gear
  4. Technology (e.g. white noise for snoring)
  5. Refrigerator Starter kit
  6. Toys

Most common in listings (my google search)
Total Listings 13,000,000
Pool 5,210,000
Wi-FI 4,010,000
Wireless Internet 785,000
Washer 2,230,000
Hot Tub 1,060,000
Jazuzzi 1,260,000
Fire pit 638,000
Pet friendly 538,000
Outdoor kitchen 163,000
Exercize rooom 35,000
Rec room 33,700
Exercise Equipment 28,600
EV charging 6,820

How to Improve Your Airbnb Amenities - Airbnb Blog at OptimizeMyAirbnb Guests will always expect the typical amenities found in hotels including:
Clean linens
Toilet paper
WiFi with passwords clearly displayed
Iron with (full-sized) ironing board
Universal charging station
One key per bedroom

Place extra toothbrushes and a hair dryer (which can earn you $10 per night!) in the bathroom, and make sure to stock up on non-fragrance soap and shampoo. When it comes to safety, always keep your First Aid kit up-to-date and fully stocked with clear instructions to the closest emergency room.

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Amenities Do Matter: Airbnb Reveals Which Amenities Travelers Value Most |

Electric Vehicle listings:


- "EV Charger" is a checkbox under additional amenities in listing setup, but apparently it can't be used as a filter when searching.

I found an AirBnB that has a charger via the Tesla Destination charging site.

Tahoe Luxury Properties - 1 Tesla Connector, up to 13kW.
Oliver Luxury Real Estate - 2 Tesla Connectors, up to 13kW.
Available to the public. Please see front desk.
Ed. A 13kW charger is a tesla specific wall charger. I don't think most people know how many kW they are looking for.
The NEMA 14-50 provides 7.7 kW

Apparently Tesla paid for chargers at some airbnb's as a trial.
"Tesla and AirBnB tipped their toes into putting Tesla Chargers at some of them. Insofar as I know they only did it in a very small amount of places in California and haven't done much since dipping said toes.""