last updated 4 Oct 2019
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Convert 18V DC to 12V DC to power an DC to 120V AC inverter.
Maximum Volts on inverters is 15 V

A 100 Watt inverter uses 8 - 25 amps.
  General rule 10 Watts per Amp
  Cigarette lighter version 8 A (100 watts)
  Stand alone version 25 A
A modem and router will use 15-30 amps (180 - 360 Watts)
24V transformer will output 0.3 - 0.6 amps
Switching converters (such as buck converters) provide much greater power efficiency as DC-to-DC converters than linear regulators, which are simpler circuits that lower voltages by dissipating power as heat. DC Voltage Regulator, DROK DC-DC Buck Converter Module 10V-75V to 0-60V 12A Adjustable Power Supply Step Down Transformer Board DKP6012 CC CV Numerical Control Volt Reducer: Home Audio & Theater 720W $29