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Color temperature:
Daylight 5,000 - 6,000° K
Halogen 2800 - 3400° K
Halogen lights use a tungsten filament.

See: Photometric Terms

Digital image formsts (Raw/TIFF/JPEG)

Raw 12-bit
Tiff 8 or 16-bit
JPEG 8-bit 8-bit=256 levels, 12-bit=4,096 levels, 16-bit=65,536

RAW and JPEG are fairly different. There is no debate over which is better because RAW gives you complete flexibility. It does however, need extra post-processing.

RAW allows you to change the white balance in post-processing. It allows you to adjust tonal range and exposure without losing detail like you would when adjusting JPEG.

RAW needs special RAW processing software to adjust it, and then make a JPEG from the RAW (think of it like a "digital negative") because you can't print from a RAW or post it on the web.

RAW also takes more space on your memory card than JPEG does.

RAW and TIFF are uncompressed (or lossless compression) file formats. You should never save a JPG more than once or twice. Otherwise the compression will create "artifacts" that you'll notice as noise, or bumpy edges, etc. So, shoot in JPG, save intermediate work as TIFF, then save the final image as JPG.

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