More people bought 2nd homes as an investment during the housing boom 10 years ago. The emergence of the Airbnb market has increased supply.

I was trying to find elasticity of demand numbers (ie. if you increase or decrease price of a rental how does this affect demand.) for a family vacation home. Hotels have this down to a fine science, but the vacatiion rental market is more fragmented.

Vacation Rental Management Companies:
Vacasa, the second-largest U.S. vacation rental management company introduced a yield management system -- which earned new homeowners an average of 34 percent more income than competitors in 2016 .
Wyndham Vacation Rentals is the largest vacation rental management company. (Nothing at Tahoe. They seem to be concentrating on places like Florida and Colorado).

Vacasa had 346 rentals at Lake Tahoe.

Revenue and Yield Management: Overcoming Challenges Unique To The Vacation Rental Industry - VRM Intel

last updated 17 Nov 2017