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Open Space - A restricted reserve located within a development with limited low-impact amenities. Amenities may be passive or active. A few examples include but are not limited to: green space both natural and landscaped, detention areas, trails, lakes, pavilions, benches, outdoor cooking facilities, and active recreational facilities such as ball and soccer fields, playgrounds, and the like.

Green Space - Natural undeveloped areas such as prairies, farmland, barren land, forests, wetlands, and lakes. Green space may also include landscaped perimeters and green landscape reserves along thoroughfares.

In New Jersey:
An Open Space survey is any survey of land that is to be used for open space, while a Green Acres survey is defined in scope by NJ Administrative Code NJAC 7:36 Green Acres Rules. The difference is primarily in the standards and specification that each conform to.

Open Space surveys are undefined as to standards beyond those established by the State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. Green Acres surveys are required when state or local government agency or a nonprofit organization seeks Green Acres funding to acquire open space. These surveys must comply with requirements beyond those established by the State Board, as defined in the previously cited Administrative Code.

Another definition:
Green space is defined as an open space maintained in a natural, undisturbed or revegetated condition.
Green space, especially in the form of parks and nature preserves, are integral parts of every American city.

In the UK:
Green Space is a type of open space includes woodlands, urban forestry, scrub, grasslands (eg downlands, commons, meadows), wetlands, open and running water, nature reserves and wastelands with a primary purpose of wildlife conservation and bio- diversity.

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