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The Beatles
Elton John
Bee Gees
14 Madonna
13 Mariah Carey
12 Elvis Presley
11 Stevie Wonder 10 The Eagles 9 The Rolling Stones 9 Rod Stewart 9 Phil Collins 9 ABBA 8 The Supremes 8 Olivia Newton-John 8 Michael Jackson 7 Whitney Houston 7 The Beach Boys 7 Roy Orbison 7 Paul McCartney 7 Janet Jackson 7 Interpret ________________ 7 The Beach Boys 7 Stevie Wonder 7 Olivia Newton-John 6 The Four Seasons 6 The Everly Brothers 6 Simon and Garfunkel 6 Roy Orbison 6 Ray Charles 5 The Drifters 5 Sam Cooke 5 Rod Stewart 5 Paul McCartney 5 Michael Jackson 5 Madonna 4 Whitney Houston 4 Puff Daddy 4 Pat Boone 4 Janet Jackson 4 Mariah Carey 4 Madonna 4 Diana Ross 4 Prince The Grateful Dead
Rolling Stones Chicago Hall and Oates Chicago Billy Joel Barry Manilow Glen Campbell Marvin Gaye Ricky Nelson The Carpenters Aretha Franklin Santana The Doors Bob Dylan Willie Nelson James Taylor Guns N' Roses The Association The Righteous Brothers The Fifth Dimension Blood, Sweat and Tears Jimi Hendrix Johnny Cash Pete Seeger Santana Led Zeppelin The Allman Brothers Band Nirvana Aerosmith Paul Simon Crosby Stills and Nash Neil Young Joan Baez Bruce Springsteen The Allman Brothers Band U2 R.E.M. Sex Pistols AC/DC Jim Croce Carol King James Brown Neil Diamond Lionel Richie George Michael _________ Instrumentalists: Andrés Segovia Chet Atkins Miles Davis Jean-Pierre Rampal Winton Marcellas Thelonious Monk John Coltrane Duke Ellington The Definitive 200 Albums Everyone Must Have (Wizbang Pop!)
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