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ABCDE - Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability (what's wrong), Expose
     (the disability)
AO x 3 - A&O X3   Alert and Oriented to Person Place and Time.
       (Who are you?, Where are You?, What time is it?, What were you doing?)
       X1: person only, X4: PPT + situation. answers questions appropriately and timely.
       See AVPU
A&Ox4 - Alert & Oriented to 
AMS - Acute Mountain Sickness
ACO - Alert Conscious Oriented
ACLS - Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support 
AED - Automated External Defibrillators
AICD - Automatic Implantable Cardioverter/Defibrillator
ALOC - Altered Level of Conciousness
ALS - Advanced Life Support (EMT-P ParaMedic)
Anaphylaxis - Allergic reaction to things like wasp or bee-stings,
            peanuts, or other foods causing swelling of the throat.
AOB - Alcohol On Breath
AOS - Arrived On Scene
APE - Acute Pulmonary Edema
APE - Acute Pulmonary Embolism
ARES -  Amateur Radio Emergency Services - non-government (ARRL)
ARDS - Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
ASPR - Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response 
ASR - Acute Stress Reaction
AV - Atrio-Ventricular (cardiac)
AVPU - Alert, Verbal Responsive, Pain response (moans), Unresponsive
B/P - Blood Pressure
BDLS - Basic Disaster Life Support
BGL - Blood Glucose Level
BLS - Basic Life Support. Basic First Aid training/EMT-B 
      - CPR, mouth-to-mouth ventilation, ...
BP - Blood Pressure
BSI - Body Substance Isolation
BSL - Blood Sugar Level
BTLS - Basic Trauma Life Support
BVM - Bag Valve Mask (Ambu Bag (tm))
BVR - bag-valve mask resuscitators
c/o - complains of
C/P - Chest Pain
C/T/M -  Skin color, temperature and moisture
CAD - Coronary Artery Disease
CAOx4 - Conscious, Alert, and Oriented x4
CART - County Animal Rescue Team
CBD - Criteria Based Dispatch
CC - Chief Complaint
CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CEOHS  Consumer, Environmental and  Occupational Health Service
CERT - Community Emergency Response Team 
CEU - Continuing Education Units
CEVO -  Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator
     or Certified Emergency Vehicle Operations
CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CSM (or CMS) - Circulation, Sensation, Motion
CVA - CerebrialVascular accident (Stroke)
DCAPBTLS - Deformities, Contusions, Abrasions, Punctures & Penetrations,
          Blood & Burns, Tenderness, Lacerations, Swelling
DMAT - Disaster Medical Assistance Teams
DPW - Department of Public Works
ECC - Emergency Cardiovascular Care
EKG - Electrocardiograms 
EMAC - Emergency Management Assistance Compact
EMD - Emergency Medical Dispacher
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
EMT-B's - Emergency Medical Technician-Basic 
EMT-P's - Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedics 
EMT - Emergency Management Team 
EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
EMT - Emergency Medicine Technician
EOC - Emergency Operations Center
EOP - Emergency Operations Plan (one per community)
EpiPen - Emergency epinephrine injector for treatment of Anaphylaxis
ERO - The Emergency Response Organization 
ERT - Emergency Response Team
ESTC - Emergency Services Training Center
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency 
Five O - 5O - Somerset Medical Center
Fx - Fracture
HTN - Hypertension High BP
Hyper - High
Hypo - Low
Hyponutrimia - Electrolyte balance is thrown out of wack from too much
       water and not enough food. The layman's term is water intoxication,
       since a person appears to be drunk in its advanced stages.
IC - Incident Commander
ICS - Incident Command System
JVD - Juglar Vein Distesion

LINCS - Literacy Information and Communication System nifl.gov/lincs/ 
LMD - Local Medical Doctor
LNO - Liaison Officer (ICS)
LOC - Level of Conciousness. See AVPU 		or Loss of Conciousness
LSI - Large Scale Incidents
LZ - Landing Zone
MMRS - Metropolitan Medical Response System 
MOI - Mechanism of Injury 
MRC - Medical Reserve Corps 
MRE - Meals Ready to Eat (Military ration boxes)
MVA - Motor Vehicle Accident
NDMS - National Disaster Medical System 
NIMS - National Incident  Management System 
nixle  - Alerts from your local police 
NKDA - No Known Drug Allergies 
NIIMS - National Interagency Incident Management System
NJSFAC - New Jersey State First Aid Counci
NJPTC - New Jersey Preparedness Training Consortium 
NPA - Nasopharyngeal airway
O2 - Oxygen
OEC - Outdoor Emergency Care
OEC - Office of Emergency Communications
OEM - Office of Emergency Management (State and Local government)
OEMS - Office of Emergency Medical Services 
OEP - Office of Emergency Preparedness 
OES - Office of Emergency Services (State and Local government)
OTC - Over the Counter
PEARL - Pupils Equal ANd Responsive & React to Light
PCP - Primary Care Provider/Physician
PIO - Public Information Officer (ICS)
PMD - Public/Private Medical Doctor
PMS - Pulse Motor Sensation (check for fractures of extremities)
PPV - Positive pressure ventilation 
PROP - Position of comfort, Reassurance, O2,
     Positive pressure ventilation (PPV) for breathing problems
PSAP - Public safety answering points
PSDE = Painful, swollen, deformed extremity
QI - Quality Improvement
RACES -  Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service - Government
REMCS - Regional Emergency Medical Communications System. 
RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
RMA - Refused Medical Attention
ROM - Range of Motion
RR - Resperation Rate
S/Sx - Signs/Symptoms
SAMPLE - Signs & Symptoms, Allergies, Medications, Previous medical
      history, Last ins (food/water) & outs, Events leading to crisis.
SAR - Search and Rescue
SCT - Surgery Cardiothorac-ic
SCTM - Skin color, Temperature and Moisture
SMC - Somerset Medical Center
SO - Safety Officer (ICS)
SOAP - Subjective (Location, age, sex, MOI/history of events, Symptoms),
    Objective (LOC, RR, HR, SCTM, ROM [repeat at 15 min.]),
    Assessment (Fracture/Hyothermis/ ...), PLAN (clean, bandage, splint, ...)
STEMI - ST segment elevation myocardial infarction
Syncope - fainting
Tx - Treatament
Tx - Transmit (radio)
UC - Unified Command
URI - Upper Respiratory Infection
VS - Vital Signs
WBA - Weight Bearing Ability
WFR - Wilderness first responder
WMD - Weapons of Mass Distruction
Wx - Weather

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