Medicine Man Buck Tilton's Ask the Expert at Backpacker Mag answers "What kind of glucose boost can I keep in the tent which will not attract bears">

His advice is "keep in your tent the least amount of whatever you like for a glucose boost, and keep it in one of those new plastic bags that are labeled 'odor-proof.'"
See OPSAK, Odor Proof Transport & Storage Bags.
Some people use double ziplock bags.

Readers Comments:
Adjusting your insulin for the increased physical output of hiking is a means to keep your levels stable.
I use an insulin pump. Even after dayhiking, I need to crank down the basal insulin dose to accommodate the increase in your metabolism.

Anyone who might run the risk of severe nightime lows I also keep an emergency glucagon injectable kit in the tent to be used by a tent mate in case that horribl night time low becomes...too low !

Put GU flavored energy gel (1.1oz single serve) packs- about 3-4 in an OPSAK, just in case; they give you 25g carbs (5g sugar) and a hundred percent of Vits. E and C.

Use sealed juice boxes, they emit less odor that tubed glucose.

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last updated 18 June 2011