Maria Bissell Hotchkiss founded the independent boarding school on 65 acres in Lakeville CT in 1891 to prepare young men in grades 9-12 for Yale University. It became coed in 1974.

Their goal is not just to get students into top colleges, but
"To develop in students a lifelong love of learning, responsible citizenship, and personal integrity. We are a community based on trust, mutual respect, and compassion, and we hold all members of the community accountable for upholding these values."
In 1996 the School's mission was broadened to include "commitment to environmental stewardship" as one of the desired outcomes of a Hotchkiss education.

Today the campus covers 545 acres in rural NW Connecticut a little over 2 hrs. from New York City, with academic and residential buildings, playing fields, and a golf course by the deepest freshwater lake in Connecticut, an area designated by The Nature Conservancy as one of 200 "Last Great Places."

590 students choose from a curriculum that includes more than 200 courses in 16 academic departments.
The Edsel Ford Library holds a collection of more than 80,000 volumes.
Ten percent of the student body comes from countries other than the U.S.
The student:faculity ration is 5:1
Its endowment in 2008 was $430 million.
Tuition, room, board, and fees for the 2008-2009 school year was $40,200.
36% receive financial assistance.
19% of students who applied were admitted.

Past Headmasters.f

Universities with the most students from the 2005-2008 classes:
21% attend Ivy League colleges or Stanford, MIT and UC Berkeley.
24-Georgetown U., Trinity College (CT); 19-U. of Pennsylvania; 17-New York U., Yale U.; 16-Princeton U.; 15-Bowdoin College, Middlebury College; 14-Cornell U., Johns Hopkins U.; 13-Williams College; 11-Boston U., Brown U., Colgate U., Dartmouth College, The George Washington U., Harvard U., Union College (NY), Vanderbilt U.
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Information and Description (pdf) at Peterson's K-12 planner.
Hotchkiss was named among the top 10 schools in the World at Lifestyle Boutique.

Hotchkiss in mentioned in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "This Side of Paradise" and in his short story Six of One, Joe Klein's book later turned into a movie "Primary Colors", Jeffrey Archer's novel "Sons of Fortune ".

In "Can't Take It With You: The Art of Making and Giving Money", alumnus and supporter Lewis B. Cullman writes, "Like most New England boarding schools of the time, Hotchkiss was built around the concept of rugged, manly Christianity. Living conditions were Spartan; trips home, rare...There was a Hotchkiss way to do everything."
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Some notable Hotchkiss Alumni:
Henry Ford II '36, CEO of Ford Motor Company
William C. Ford '43, CEO of Ford Motor Company
William Clay Ford, Jr., Chairman of Ford Motor Company
Forrest Mars Jr. '75, CEO of Mars candy, Incorporated, billionaire
John Mars, billionaire
Arthur Kittredge Watson '38, Chairman of IBM, US Ambassador to France
Tom Werner, Chairman of the Boston Red Sox and co-founder of Casey Werner,
   producers of "The Cosby Show", "3rd Rock" and "That 70's Show"
Fay Vincent - Baseball commissioner, CEO Columbia Pictures, EVP Coke
Harold Stanley, Founder, Morgan Stanley
Dan W. Lufkin Founder Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette CT Environmental Commissioner
Thomas P. F. Hoving, Head of Tiffany & Company, former director of the
  Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Frank A. Sprole '38 Vice chairman, Bristol-Myers 

Journalist - Writer:
Henry Luce, Co-founder of Time Magazine
William Loeb, conservative newspaper proprietor
Archibald MacLeish, Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner
Peter Matthiessen, Naturalist and Writer
John Hersey, Pulitzer Prize winning author

Diplomat - Government:
Strobe Talbott, Journalist, diplomat, president of Brookings Institution
Winston Lord, US Ambassador to the People's Republic of China 1985-1989
Paul Nitze, Secretary of the Navy, architect of US policy towards the Soviet
Charles Yost, US Ambassador to the UN
Porter J. Goss, former Director of the CIA
Malcolm Baldrige '40 - Secretary of Commerce

Charles Edison, Governor of New Jersey, son of Thomas Edison
Lawrence M. Judd, Governor of Hawaii
William Warren Scranton, Governor of Pennsylvania, US Ambassador to the UN

Potter Stewart, Justice of the US Supreme Court
Robert Bork, Conservative legal scholar, nominated for the Supreme Court 
Arthur Lehman Goodhart, Legal scholar, Master of University College, Oxford

Dickinson Woodruff Richards, Jr. '13, GP'91 - Nobel Prize in Medicine
William Mansfield Clark '03, GP'63 - Pioneer in the field of biochemistry,
  Physiological Chemistry professor
David Hawkins '31 Philosopher of science and assistant to J. Robert Oppenheimer,
  director of the Manhattan Project to build atomic bombs

Matt Herr and Torrey Mitchell, who played in the NHL
Gina M.A. Kingsbury '00 Olympic Gold Medal Winner 2006 Canadian Hockey Team

Donal C. O'Brien Jr. '52  University of Virginia Law School. Chairman of the
   Board, Atlantic Salmon Federation; former chairman, National Audubon Society;
  vice-chair, the Nature Conservancy
Dan W. Lufkin Founder Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette CT Environmental Commissioner
George Cooley Hixon '55, P'90, '98 - Environmentalist

Allison Janney '77 Emmy Award-winning actress
John G. Avildsen '55 Independent film director; recipient of the Academy Award 
  for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Feature Film for Rocky.
John Hammond '29  Executive at Columbia Records who discovered musical talents
    Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Billie Holiday, and Aretha Franklin.
F. Dennis Greene '68 Founder and lead singer, Sha Na Na; professor of law,
  University of Dayton School of Law

Alumni Awards

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