BACKPACKING EQUIPMEN LIST While on the Trail Required Equipment
Backpack - big enough for personal gear and 2, 1 gallon milk jugs- line the pack with a garbage bag.
Tent or Rain Shelter
Sleeping Bag - rated to at least 35 deg and small enough to fill less than 25% of your pack.
Sleeping Pad
Boots - well broken in during at least 6 previous hikes.
Water Containers (2 liters total) - at least 2 containers so that 1 can be purifying while you can still drink from the other. This could be a bladder and a water bottle or 2 bottles.
Mug or Cup/ Bowl or Plate w/ high sides
Eating Utensil - spoon or spork, no disposable plastic as they break too easily
Flashlight or headlamp plus an extra set of batteries
Rain cover for pack (a large garbage bag or a rain poncho is sufficient)
Toilet paper- tear it into useable lengths and pack into a Ziploc.
Lid from a tuna can or similar (3½ inches in diameter- for your stove)
Hand sanitizer

Toothbrush (cut off most of the handle) Toothpaste - a partially used travel size
Comb if absolutely needed
Sunscreen & lip balm
Insect Repellent
Personal Meds
Personal 1st Aid/blister kit - think mostly anti-inflammatory meds, tape or mole skin
Personal Sanitation

Shorts (just the pair you are wearing)
T-shirt (may need only what you are wearing or 1 backup)
Long Pants or zip on legs to shorts
Long Sleeve Shirt
Light weight jacket or fleece
Sun Hat
Rain Parka or poncho
Underwear - 1 extra pair
Long Underwear - depending on weather forecast
Socks - liners and thick socks (1 pair besides the ones you are wearing to start out in)
Camp Shoes - closed toe, Croc type shoe or lightweight sandal. Closed toe shoes required for cooking, but you can do this in your hiking boots
Bandana - to use as a towel, sweat rag, or washcloth

Journal & Pen/pencil
Light-weight camera
Trekking poles or walking stick
Biodegradable soap/small towel
Personal snacks- we will provide one bag of trail mix in addition to all meals
Wipes cut into small pieces- use 1 daily
(I will be carrying trekking poles, wipes, a map, and a camera from this list)

last updated 11 May 2011