From: Don
Cell phone reception is spotty. Most will work somewhere. My T-mobile works on the porch outside the library and in the parking lot by the road. Verizon tends to be a little better but will probably not work in your rooms.
  There is a phone you can use to make 800, 888, ... calls down the steps outside the Lewis & Clark Room (Living Room)
  Same goes for hikes. Phones will work in areas facing I-80 but will fade out after we go over the ridge.

I just talked to the lodge. They've been pushing the snow from the CTL yard into the creek, but it is still wet from runoff.
The Sugar Bowl ski area, just up the road, plans to open on July 4th. See web cam at:

From: Francy
Hi All,
  As you can see from Don's response, cell phone use is spotty at best. As much as you possibly can, leave the electronics at home and come prepared to enjoy nature. If you must use a device, please try to be discreet so that you don't infringe on someone else's idea of peace and quiet. If you do get reception in the lodge, remember that walls are thin, that sound carries, and that we all may be a part of your conversation, whether we like it or not!

Last updated June, 21, 2011