Hi Everyone,
  Our trip is fast approaching and you all are being amazingly quiet. I hope that means that I am getting better at anticipating your questions, but there have got to be questions floating around out there in backpacking preparation land!   Here is the list of people coming for the trip and where they are from. For those flying in, you may want to team up with others to share car rental expense and keep our footprint as small as possible. Emails are above in the status line.
Scott -              Greensboro, NC
Marlaine and David - Columbus, OH
Tami -               Vallecito, CA
Janine and Lauren -  Dayton, NV
Glenn F -            Bronx, NY
Glen H -             Little Rock AR
Josh and Jennifer -  Los Angeles, CA
Susan -              Westlake Village, CA
Ludger -             Rocklin, CA
  For anyone who made promises to get in shape for this trip, the next 3 weeks are your last chance. You don't want to be struggling to keep up and the week before the trip should be a taper - a time to do a little, but nothing that is pushing the limit or taking you into new challenges. That leaves the next 3 weeks for breaking in boots if not done already and pushing yourself toward that 7 mile goal if you are not there now.

  Here are the directions for getting to the Clair Tappan Lodge, 19940 Donner Pass Rd, Norden, CA: GPS units can be a little off in getting you to the lodge, so look for the sign.) The lodge is set back from the road, and there are some private lodges in the same area. There is a loading/unloading zone just beyond the lodge sign. Turn left and go uphill to the lot. It is still a short walk to the end of the road to the lodge, and there are some wagons if you need that to move your stuff. Parking is available across the street once you are unloaded.

  From the east, the lodge is 45 min. west of Reno off I-80. Take the Soda Springs/Norden exit #174. Go 2.5 miles east on Donner Pass Rd. Look for the Clair Tappan sign slightly uphill on the left.
  From the west, the lodge is 1.5 hours east of Sacramento. Same directions as above.

In case of emergency, the contact number at the lodge is 530 426-3632.

See you soon!

434 258-1750 (home and cell)

last updated 18 June 2011