Hi Everyone,
    For many of you it may feel like spring has barely arrived, but our backpacking adventure is right around the corner - 2 months will fly by. We are currently a group of 11 - from all over the country from California to North Carolina to New York, and from lots of states in between! There are still 3 openings if you know anyone who might be tempted to join us, but I can say to you all with confidence that our trip is full enough for you to make your travel arrangements. I will send out a participant list in the next week so that you can hook up and possibly ride share. If you don't want me to share your information, let me know that. For those of you flying in, your options are to go to Reno (RNO), the closest big airport about an hour away or to Sacramento (SMF), about 2+ hours away. In the past, some folks have flown into San Francisco to combine our backpack with some time exploring the city. We will start the trip at the Sierra Club's Clair Tappan Lodge in Soda Springs, California on Donner Summit. You can check out the web site at www.ctl.sierraclub.org for specific travel information. You should plan to be at the lodge by 4pm on Sunday, July 17. We will be back at the lodge by 2PM on Saturday, July 23. There will be the option to shower there at the end of our trip.
    At this point in the game your conditioning and your boots are 2 important topics. You want to be comfortable hiking up to 7 miles wearing the boots that you will use on our trip. If you find that you are prone to develop hot spots (sore areas) on your feet, knee high support hose make a wonderful liner sock. They are very smooth and the wool hiking sock can just slide over it rather than rubbing your foot. The issue is that you want to figure out your system before you leave home!
    This email has attachments talking about your gear. I have tried to be detailed, but I am sure that there will be questions. If you send me a question that I think might be of interest to the entire group I will send out the answer to everyone. Don, our other leader, will be sending you links to his web site where has has additional information. Everyone should have received 6 attachments from me so far!
Let the fun begin!
Francy Rubin
434 258-1750 (home and cell)

last updated 9 May 2011