Hi All,
  Don and I are at the lodge exploring options for our trip and we are delighted by what we are finding! While we will not be able to get to all the places described in the brochure, we will be able to get to some, and we have identified one of our backpack hikes (trailhead less than 10 miles from here) and are scouting our day hike today (possibly 20 miles from here). There will often be snow at various points on the trail, but nothing that is impassable.
  For those who are planning to taxi from Truckee - defintely start talking to each other. Renting a car from the airport split between 4 is a pretty reasonable option. The idea of taking taxis to the trailhead is not a good option, but I think between all of you there will be more than the 3 vehicles that we would need to get people where we need to go. If you are a passenger, be prepared to share gas expenses.
  Don't forget sunscreen, a big hat, bug repellent, a towel for the lodge, and an adventurous attitude. It looks like I will have phone service, so call me on Sunday if you are going to be delayed.
  Can't wait to meet you all!

Francy Rubin
434 258-1750 (home and cell)

last updated 14 July 2011