Hi Everyone,
    Hi Everyone, It was a sunny, blue sky kind of day here today telling us that spring is not far off! I am writing for a couple of reasons.

First- please let me know if you are not OK with sharing your email with other members of our trip. If you don't say, then I will presume that it's OK to share. Some of you may want to carpool together, flyers may want to talk to drivers about getting together at the airport, etc.

Second - I have sent some of the basic info about gear to some of you, but not all, so I am going to send it to everyone again. For those of you who requested the information early, I hope that your wish list was answered over the holidays. There are just a couple of updates that I recently made to the lists like adding a small bottle of hand sanitizer and some toilet paper. Everyone needs to bring a tuna can lid which will become the base for your stove - no it does not have to be tuna if you don't like tuna, but something a little bigger than a soup can.

Third - I am sending you an attachment about conditioning. Some of you are in great shape already, but some of you are not, and now is the time to work on that. Our trip is just over 3 months away and now is the time to start getting into good shape if you are not there already.

If you have any questions, let me know. I will often share these questions and answers with the group, so always let me know if you do not want the information shared.

Happy hiking! Francy
Francy Rubin
434 258-1750 (home and cell)

last updated 13 Feb 2011