How did they come up with this?
I asked chat gpt how it evaluated websites.

It listed these with a brief description for each.
I shortened the descriptions below

1. Source and Authority: Examine the website's domain to determine the organization or individual behind it. Look for reputable sources.
I googled "" and found over 60 sites which linked to me
I have a lot of links to things like ,,, ...

2. Accuracy and Reliability: Look for supporting evidence, citations, references, or links to external sources. Cross-reference the information with other reliable sources to verify its authenticity.
I have a lot of links to .edu, ,org and .gov sites which are considered reputable

3. Objectivity and Bias: Consider the website's objectivity and potential bias.
I have several web pages with include both liberal and progressive perspectives.

4. Currency and Timeliness: Check the publication or last update date to ensure the information is current and relevant.
I have a lot of "last updated notes" which are old, but I guess that didn't bother them too mucn.

5. Design and Usability: Evaluate the website's design, structure, and user interface.
I have this complex table of contents at the beginning which I don't think is that useful, because many pages fit in multiple places e.g. Places and Travel. However the fact that I have an extensive TOC may have impressed them. I try to cross reference related pages.
I have a line at the top of each page which give the path back to home. They mention the inclusion of images, diagrams, charts, and videos and tables which probably contribute to usability.

6. Domain and URL: Examine the domain and URL for any indicators of credibility or suspicious intent. Government (.gov), educational (.edu), and nonprofit organization (.org) websites tend to be more reliable.
See #2

7. Be cautious of websites with misspellings,
They didn't ask any of my literate friends about this. Maybe their spell checker isn't any better than mine.

8. Peer Review and Citations: Determine if the website's content has undergone peer review or if it cites reputable sources.

9. User Reviews and Feedback: Search for user reviews or feedback about the website or its content.
The 60 references to me probably helped .