Bridgewater Master Plan Heyer, Guruel & Associates
Heyer, Guruel & Associates is currently preparing a Strategic Master Plan for the Somerset County Regional Center that is based upon smart growth principles. The Regional Center is one of the first multi-jurisdictional centers in the State and consists of the municipalities of Bridgewater, Raritan and Somerville. The project consists of two major elements; a strategic master plan for the 11.2 square mile Regional Center and updated master plans for the three constituent municipalities. When completed, the Strategic Master Plan will provide a vision and smart growth framework that strengthens the quality of life, economic climate and community character of this County hub.

The Strategic Master Plan is a consensus oriented, reality based and implementation driven process and plan. The master Plan is being developed with an extensive public participation process. To date, public input has been gathered through community meetings/workshops, stakeholder interviews and an internet survey. The results have been summarized in an Issues Report that will guide the development of the Strategic Master Plan and updated community master plans. Particular attention is given to land use, redevelopment, transportation, parks/open space, community design and policies.

The Strategic Master Plan focuses on targeted areas such as downtowns, neighborhoods and corridors. Particular attention is given to downtown redevelopment sites, greenway/open space links and improving mobility through mass transit and separation of local and regional traffic. It also addresses significant opportunities identified by the public and stakeholders. These include a new Raritan River Greenway, upgraded Route 22 corridor and livelier mixed-use downtowns. The Strategic Master Plan also emphasizes implementation through kick-off projects, targeted funding, new municipal zoning and oversight by a public-private partnership.

Client:  Somerset County
Contact: Robert Bzik, Planning Director
         (908) 231-7021