Message to my son:

I considered Maikle Habib, the owner of BuyRite Liquors in Bound Brook, a friend as did many locals. When I told him my cousin worked for Joseph Phelps he ordered some Phelps wine. He would pick out wine for me when I wanted change from Mondavi.

According to a friend he had a fight with his brother and got out of a his car on Rt. 18, where a drunk driver hit and killed him. He was 32 years old, very personable and had a very successful business.

When you are under stress be careful. One of my tennis buddies who worked for Union Carbide in Bound Brook said when they announced Dow was taking them over and there would be lay offs, there was a series of auto accidents with people leaving work and they had to have a safe driving consultant come in to give seminars on driving.

I haven't done a google search on the subject, but I'm sure there's lots out there.

There are many incidents of stress at work causing divorces and stress at home causing lost jobs.

There are books and movies on stress management.
It's too big for me to attempt to look into it any further.

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last updated 2 Sep 2010