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iPhone User Guide For iOS 8.1
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iPhone 5S - Complete Beginners Guide - YouTube by AppFind

This is a place where I put miscellaneous notes on the iPhone I couldn't find elsewhere or where the on-line instructions (e.g. to copy files from a mac to iPhone were out of date.

See iOS info

iPhone key combinations
Hard reset by holding down the power button and home button at the same time for a few seconds until the device restarts.
volume butons - alternative to icon to take a picture.
screen shot - Power + Home

Saving Battery Life
There were a lot of complaint about battery life after the iOS 8.0 upgrade.
I did notice reduced battery life in my iPhone 5S. It is better after the 8.1 upgrade.

Find out what's using juice:
Settings -> General --> Usage > Battery Usage

  • Settings -> General --> Background App Refresh -- Turn it off for each app that is using too much power.
  • Stop Using Auto Brightness - Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-Brightness -> Off
  • Restart or Reset Your iPhone or iPad
  • Reset All Settings Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Setting

7 Ways to Save Your Battery Life on iOS 8 | mashable
How to Fix Bad iOS 8.1.1 Battery Life | gottabemobile.com
Battery health - charging

SMS, MMS, iMessage
SMS - Short Message Service - Short, 160 character text messages.
MMS - Multimedia Messaging Service - Standard for multimedia, primarily for sending pictures taken on the phone. No formal size limit but 300 KB is the recommended max.
iMessage - Instant Messaging
SMS and MMS are transmitted as text messages over the phone network and will incur text charges if you don't have unlimited text.
iMessage goes over the Internet.

  If you are concerned about your SMS/MMS usage and want to devote yourself wholly to sending iMessages, then fire up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and open the Settings app. From there, tap Messages.
  In the Messages preference pane, toggle the Send as SMS setting to Off. Remember that only iDevice or current-version Mac users can participate in iMessage conversations. See Messaging
Apple iMessage: Top Five Tips | Que

Copying photos from a Mac
All the on-line instructions I found were wrong, because the iTunes interface has changed as of iTunes 12 or earlier.
In mavericks you can use air drop and don't have to connect.

It is confusing because Apple wants iTunes to handle all the interface between a Mac and iPhone.

See Use AirDrop to wirelessly share content - Apple Support if you have iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

  • Connect the iPhone to the Mac with a cable
  • Put the photos you want to copy in a album in iPhoto
  • Start iTunes and click the iPhone icon.
  • Go to the iPhone menu which will appear on the left and select Photos
  • Click on "Selected albums, Events, ...
  • Select the albums or events you want to copy1
  • Click Apply in the botom right

Copying photos to a Mac:

  • Connect the iPhone to the Mac with a cable
  • Open iPhoto on the Mac
  • Select the iPhone on the left
  • Select Import

Lightning Connector The lightning cable has a chip in it which is required for it to work properly.
See Battery health - charging

I was having trouble with the wallpaper I created being truncated on a 5S.
You should be able to create an image that matches the screen size.
iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 - 960 x 640   3.5"
iPhone 5, iPhone 5s - 1136 x 640  4.0"
iPhone 6              1334 x 750  4.7"
iPhone 6 Plus         1920 x 1080 5.5"
Part of the problem is the parallax feature. What you see straight on is cropped. Tilting your iPhone or iPad shifts the background right or left, up or down in order to create the effect that the device moves with you, iOS has to take into account that the background has to have some padding on every side in order to do so..
What is shown is 528 x 936 (ie 56 pixels are cut off on the left ane right and 100 pixels are cut off on the top and bottom)

You can turn this off in Settings > Accessibility > Reduce Motion Even with this
See Why your wallpapers look messed up on iOS 7, and how to fix them! | iMore

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