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Bible Apps for smartphones and tablets

There are around a dozen Bible Reading apps for PDAs, Smartphones (iPhone, Droid, ...) and tablets (iPad, Zoom, Galaxy, ...).

The other option for tablets and e-readers is to get a Kindle version (below).

The following seem to be the most popular now (April, 2011).
These all work on both iPad, iPhone and Android (Droid) phones and tablets rabble.rule: iPhone Bible App Comparison, Jan., 2010
Logos BibleReader
Olive Tree
iOS (Apple) x x x x
(Droid, Zoom, Galaxy, ...)
x x x
Free books 61 1506 41 43
Available books ~3000 500+ 41 190
Free modern translations x      
Commentaries x x   x
Dictionaries x x   x
Maps/Media x     x
Bookmarks x x x x
Notes   x (read-only) x
Notes syncing   Evernote & OliveTree.com YouVersion
Highlighting       x
Search x x x x
Reading plans x   x x
Original language tools3 x x    
Works offline reader only x some books2 x
Social sharing x   x  
Events     x  
Split screen   x    
Passage Guide4 x      
Paging/scrolling Paging Either Scrolling Scrolling
Karl Kleinpaste July/10 4 4 4 3
Tim Hyde Mar. 11   5 35  
AppBrain   4.1 4.7  
1. The Bible app by LifeChurch.tv allows you to track your progress and join discussions on YouVersion.com

2. NIV and TNIV require you to be connected to their server.

3. Original language tools are tools to get more information out of original language books or original language data in English books.

4. Logos has a passage guide and Greek and Hebrew word study tools.

5. Hyde's main complaint with YouVersion is lack of the NIV when offline and note taking which is not as good on the iPad. He likes it for use on an android phone.

6. NIV costs $22 for Olive Tree

Kleinpaste gives the ESV Bible a 5 out of 5 but has issues of readability and the philosophy of translation. (It only works on the Apple platform iOS)

Others that show up frequently are: Bible.is, PocketBible (Laridian), Mantis, PocketSword.

Kindle & Tablet versions:
Doug liked Today's New International Version (TNIV). He liked the highlighting, notes and commentary lookup feature on his iPad.
It got a 3.5 out of 5 score at the iBooks store for $10. Some people did not like the navigation. The kindle version at Amazon is not available in the U.S.
I couldn't find a TNIV version which would work on Amazon's Kindle or tablets with Google's Android OS (Samsung Galaxy, Zoom, ...) .

As of the beginning of 2010, the problem with most e-Reader bibles was navigation. Having to go the the table of contents rather than direct jumps to verses. The King James Version is the exception.

There are Kindle versions of:
The New American Standard Bible (NASB)
and The King James Version $5.
The American Standard Version
The English Standard Version (ESV) Study Bible $10
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) $5

See: Bible Reading on the Kindle | eReaderChat.com

James Reynolds jlreynolds48@hughes.net Offered the following comment:
  One thing you may be interested in is that navigation on a Kindle is COMPLETELY dependent upon the quality of the conversion NOT upon the specific translation.   The best (formatting & ease of navigation) Kindle Bibles are those published by Illya Antonenko at Osnova.com   His products set the Gold Standard. I don't even waste my time looking at any Bible resources from other publishers if he offers the product.   We offer some Free Kindle eBooks that I have converted at our church web site. Please stop by and check them out. Thanks again for the info. In the Master's service James

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last updated 24 May 2011