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Won’t charge - Hold start and volume-down together for 15-30 secs.
It will perform a soft reset.
Error: The Application Framework (Process com.google.process.gapps) has stopped unexpectedly

1. Clear Cache in Calendar or Market
Settings > Applications > Manage Apps: Scroll to Calendar
Clear Cache

2. Process Com.Google.Process.gapps error! Help! (androidtablets.net/forum)
[Solved] com.google.process.gapps error (forum.xda-developers.com)

The files are compressed, so you will have to extract them using Winrar, Winzip, 7zip, or some other app. Copy the files to the SD card of your coby. Using root exporer, copy all of these files to system\apps on the 7015. Restart your tablet! Oddly enough, copying over files like this from another post started the problem. Evidently, the 7015 likes the versions of the Google apps in this post better than the others!
One more thing.....I did not have to change any file permissions when I did this. The instructions in the post I linked to said to do so.
You may want to backup the files in your system\apps folder before you do this just to play it safe.

ACORE problem:
Problem: The error message said: the process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.
I click on the "Force close" button, it goes away for a few seconds and pops up again.  It is very annoying and it happens running any   App.
Solution at Lenovo Forums

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