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Sim Card Reader Cloner Writers Sim Cards: GSM COMP-128 V2 SIM
There are a variety of keys and encryption algorithms used to stop illegal cloning of SIM cards. There is software which given your PIN can clone a SIM card so you can keep an old phone as a backup in case you loose your new phone, however duplicate SIM cards are illegal in some countries.

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Tries = Number of failed attempts before card is locked and will not work any more.
ADM - Administrator Root Public Key  (5 tries)
  When you initialize the SIM card or change the PUK, its ADM code is need
AKA European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETSI - Defines GSM specs
ICCID - Integrated Circuit Chip ID
IMSI - International Mobile Subscriber ID
ITU - International Telecommunications Union
KI -  Unique 16 byte secret key used for authentication
       Usually encrypted with transport key
MCC - Mobile network country code
NC - NC Network code registered in ITU
PIN - Personal Identification Number (3 tries)
PUK - PIN Unblocking Key (10 tries)
SIM - Subscriber Identity Module 
SIM-ME - Subscriber Identity Module – Mobile Equipment

Introduction to SIM Cards

last updated 1 Jun 2009