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Ping - Test connectivity
Tracert (Traceroute) - Identify pathway to a host
ARP - Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) - Mac address for IP addr.
Netstat - Routing tables - incoming and outgoing connections
Nbtstat - NetBios name cache (
NSLookup - The IP address on a Domain Name Server (DNS)
IPConfig - Show current TCP/IP settings
Whois - Look up the registration record associated with a domain name.
Finger - View information about users logged onto a remote computer
        Requires a finger server on the other computer. Not used much now.
Port Scan / nmap - 

 Where to find them:
On a Mac /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications Apple menu/Preferences/Network Android: Apps
Fing - Network Tools - Apps on Google Play Ping, Trace route, DNS Lookup, Port Scan 4.6 (270,000) Network Utilities - Apps on Google Play IP Discover, Subnet scaner, Net stat, Ping, Traceroute, Port scaner, Sniffer, BPF compiler, Packet crafter 4.6 (3,200) Network Analyzer -

Comand Line network utilities

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last updated 1 Dec 2004