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You can include special characters, known as dialing modifiers, in the phone number your modem dials. Dialing modifiers change the way the number is dialed. For example, inserting a comma (,) in a phone number inserts a one-second pause between the numbers. This might be useful if you are calling from a phone line that requires you to dial a number for an outside line. Inserting a pause gives the phone enough time to establish a connection with an outside line.

Following is a list of some dialing modifiers:

, (dial pause)

The modem will pause for one second before dialing the number following the comma. You can add additional commas if you need a longer pause.

@ (wait for silence)

The modem waits for at least 5 seconds of silence before continuing. For example, if the number is 1234567@8888, the modem dials 1234567, waits for the call to be answered, then dials 8888.

& (wait for credit card tone)

The ampersand instructs the modem to wait for a credit card tone before continuing with the number. For example, 1234567&11223344 would cause the modem to wait at the ampersand until the credit card tone finished before sending the rest of the number.

^ (enable calling tones)

This modifier enables calling tones for the number being dialed. By default, calling tones are disabled for internal 56K modems sold in North America. You might want to enable calling tones if the device you are calling uses calling tones to differentiate between a voice, fax, or data call.

W (wait for dial tone)

The modem will wait for a dial tone before dialing numbers following a W. If a dial tone is not detected after a specified time, the modem will give up and not place the call.

You can find more more dialing modifiers, as well as additional AT command information, on the Apple website.

last updated 16 Jul 200r