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TCP/IP - Datagrams/Packets Connectionless
IP standards specify a default MTU of 9180 octets or less.
Frame Relay - Frames
ATM - cells (53-byte)- C
SMDS - - Connectionless

ATM works by transmitting all traffic as fixed-length, 53-byte cells. This fixed unit allows very fast switches to be built, because it is much faster to process a known packet size than to figure out the start and end of variable length packets. The small ATM packet also ensures that voice and video can be inserted into the stream often enough for realtime transmission.

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802.11 - Wireless Ethernet
ABR Available Bit Rate.  ATM QoS that adjusts bandwidth according to congestion levels
      for LAN traffic.
ADM - Add Drop Multiplexer
ADSL Asymmetric DSL
AAL5 - ATM Adaptation Layer 5 
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
CATV Community Antenna TV (Original name for Cable TV)
CBR Constant Bit Rate. ATM QoS guarantees bandwidth for realtime voice and video.
CLNP (Connectionless Network Protocol) used by TP4 (Transport Protocol Class 4).
  However CLNP is not used on the Internet, instead its function is provided by IP.
  CLNP is still widely used today in many telecommunications networks (mainly the transmission area) 
CMTS - Cable modem termination system
Connection Oriented Link Layer (COLL)
Connection-oriented networking protocol is one which identifies traffic flows by some
  connection identifier rather than by explicitly listing source and destination addresses.
  ATM and Frame Relay are Connection-oriented protocols
  Connection-oriented protocols handle real-time traffic substantially more efficiently than connectionless protocols
CPE Customer premises equipment
Datagram - Used to transfer IP across ATM networks.
DCE Data Communications Equipment
DLC - Digital loop Carrier
DMA Direct Memory Access - Specialized circuitry or a dedicated
   microprocessor that transfers data from memory to memory without using the CPU
DOCSIS Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification.
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSLAM - Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexor 
Gbps - Giga bits per second (Trillion)
Kbps - Thousand bits per second
Logical Link Control (LLC)
Mbps - Mega bits per second (Million)
MPLS - Multiprotocol Label Switching. A data-carrying mechanism which emulates some properties
  of a circuit-switched network over a packet-switched network. 
MTU - Message transfer Unit (e.g. maximum packet size)
NIC Network Interface Card
OC-1 Optical Carrier level-1 - 51.84Mbps
OC-3 Optical Carrier level-3 - 155Mbps
OC-12 Optical Carrier level-231 - 622Mbps
OC-48 Optical Carrier level-48 - 2.5Gbs
OC-192 Optical Carrier level-192 - 9.95Gbs
OC-256 Optical Carrier level-256 - 13.2Gbs
ODI	Open Data-Link Interface) A network driver interface from Novell & Apple
OTG On the Go,OBJECTive Technology Group. Small connector USB.
Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI)
Packet is a formatted block of information carried by a computer network.
  Packets have headers, data and trailers.
  The header is used among other things to identify the destination for the data.
  The trailer is used for things like error checking.
POS Packet on SONET
QoS Quality of Service
SDH  synchronous digital hierarchy, the ITU-T (European) equivalent of SONET
SAN Storage Area Network
SIAP Service Independent Access Service Independent Access Points
SMDS - Switched Multi-megabit Data  Service
SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol - 
  a protocol for exchanging XML-based messages over a computer network.
SOA - Service-Oriented Architecture  
SONET Synchronous Optical Network
SRSC SilkRoad Refractive Synchronization Communication
STS-n Synchronous Transport Signal level-n (see OC-n for speeds)
TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
Tbps Terra bits per second (Quadrillion)
USB Universal Serial Bus
USB OTG - USB On The Go - Will allow peripheral and mobile devices
     like PDAs, cell phones and digital cameras to be attached directly
     to one another without having to have a PC in between.
U160-SCSI Ultra SCSI allowing 160 MBytes/s
UBR Unspecified Bit Rate  provides a best effort for non-critical data such as file transfers.
VOD Video on Demand
WAN Wide Area Networks
WDM Wave Division Multiplexing

            ATM   Asynchronous Transfer Mode
            B-ICI Broadband Inter Carrier Interface
            CBDS  Connectionless Broadband Data Service
            CBR   Constant Bit Rate
            CCS7  Common Channel Signalling System no. 7
            CMIP  Common Management Information Protocol
            CMIS  Common Management Information Service
            CSU   Channel Service Unit
            DSU   Data Service Unit
            DQDB  Distributed Queue Dual Bus
            ETSI  European Telecommunications Standards Institute
            FDDI  Fiber Distributed Data Interface
            IP    Internet Protocol
            ISDN  Integrated Services Digital Network
            ITU   International Telecommunication Union
            LAN   Local Area Network
            MAN   Metropolitan Area Networks
            MICE  Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for Europe
            MIB   Management Information Base
            MMM   Multimedia Mail
            NNI   Network-Node Interface
            PBX   Private Branch Exchange
            PICS  Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
            PIXIT Protocol Information Extra Information for Testing
            PDH   Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
            PMD   Physical Medium Dependent (Sublayer)
            PNO   Public Network Operator
            PVC   Permanent Virtual Circuit
            QoS   Quality of Service
            SDH   Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
            SMDS  Switched Mutimegabit Data Service
            SNMP  Simple Network Management Protocol
            TCP   Transmission Control Protocol
            TMN   Telecommunication Management Network
            TS    Telecommunication Standardization (Sector)
            UNI   User-Network Interface
            UDP   User Datagram Protocol
            WAN   Wide Area Network

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