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Communication Methods (voice, text, email)

Handling communication URIs (Uniform resource identifier), also called protocols

tel:425-882-8080- voice call, like a telephone
sms:800-922-0204 - Short Message Service (texting) - email

Some email messages and web pages may have links (different colored text which may be underlined) which are designed to allow you click on them to make a telephone call, send a text message or email.
There are applications that let you make calls and send text messages from devices (desktops, laptops & tablets) without voice modems, which mobile phones have. e.g.

GrooVe IP
Verizon Messages+
Google Voice
Hangouts dialer Better for group chat
Meetings - Webinars
See services/webinars

See my contact list example at

 Windows 7
  Without skype
  Internet Explorer
   "unable to load this helper application"
    This link needs to be opened with an application
  With skype installed
  callto:  - opened skype with the telephone number specified
  tel:  - opened skype, but you had to re-enter the phone number
    this web page cannot be displayed
    Click on search online for a program get "Windows does not recognize this Protocol"
    Internet Explorer
      Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed.
      See Mail Clients
     This link needs to be opened with an application.
     Send to:
        It then sends you to the firefox folder in programs ??
  Windows 8
      tel: "Choose an app"
      callto: "Address wasn't understood because callto: is not associated with any program"
      mailto: Windows Live Mail

 Mac without continuity
 Safari:  Will reply "External protocol request" - you can specify Skype to make a call
 Chrome: Nothing
 Chrome: nothing
 Safari: No Application set to open the URL SMS:, Choose Application
    Choose skype but still no link

Mac with continuity 
Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) on a MacBook or iMac can 
make calls and send text thru an iPhone with iOS 8 and continuity on.
  Chrome & Safari call via iPhone in range
  Firefox - Choose and Application - Default to FaceTime which calle via iPhone
  Chrome: Nothing
    Safari: "No application set for the URL sms:...
    Choose an App - Messages didn't work
    Firefox - Address wasn't understood
 iPhone iOS 8
 tel: called
:sms: texted
 mail: Sent mail from gmail

 Android 4.4 (KitKat) with data
  tel:  Choose hangouts (used Google Voice) or GroVe IP
  sms:  Choose Messges+(verizon)-  worked; Hangouts - nothing; Google Voice - Had to reinput number
  mail: Asked for Gmail or Generic Mail which ask for yahoo, aol, ...

 Android 5.0 (Lollipop) without data
 tel: Open with
  Hangouts Dialer 
  GrooVe IP Lite
:sms: text - Open with
   Hangouts - Says to turn on SMS in hangouts settings but it didn't work
   Google Voice - Did not fill in To line
 mail: Goes to gmail

When I sent a text to my google voice number which is forwarded to my iPhone tel no. I get it on my iPhone and on Voice (the google voice app) on my tablet. Message+ is a verizon app that sends the text messages from my phone to my Verizon android tablet.
last updated 2 Apr 2015