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To see history or bookmarks
   click left arrow to get to bookmarks from history
   click on history at the top of the list to get to history from bookmarks
swipe from outside screen on left to right - go to history or bookmarks
click bookmark - go to web page
long press - drop-down menu (edit, delete, ...)
+ in address bar - bookmark
+ on right- new tab with speed dial
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Help at dolphin-browser.com
  Features: Android Gesture, User Agent & Voice Control Add ons
  FAQ | dolphin-browser.com
swipe from left margin - history and bookmarks swipe from right margin - full screen, wi-fi How to install bookmarklets in the dolphin browser: long press on the bookmarklet. e.g. HREF visible Select copy link URL Create a bookmark from any page (Click the + button at the address bar) Select Add Bookmark, assign a name and folder Swipe right (from left border) to get bookmarks and select folder (You can add a new bookmarklet folder by hitting the gear icon Then hitting the folder icon ) long press the bookmark you created above Select Edit bookmark long press in address Select paste Create a gesture (optional) Click OK Note1: Bookmarklets that work with selected text won't work because you can't select bookmarks when text is selected. Note2: Some browsers will convert punctuation (;,<,}, ...) in javascript code to hex codes (%3B, %3C, ...) The hex code version will not work in the dolphin browser. I have a unix sed edit file which will remove them. See unix shell utilities.
Note if the javascript has a " it will mess things up if you put it in a href="JAVASCRIPT CODE" which can be dragged into your bookmark bar on other browsers. If the script doesn't contain any 's you can use href='JAVASCRIPT CODE'.
Syncing To set up Dolphin Connect, tap the gear shaped button in menu bar > Account > Dolphin and login Dolphin Connect with your Facebook, Google or Dolphin account. You can back up all your data including bookmarks under Menu> More> Settings> Privacy & Personal Data> Backup or sync bookmarks with our database by using Dolphin account directly. Click on the 3rd top button "Sync" and click the sync "Dolphin to Google" - that will put all of your bookmarks online on your google account (i believe it makes a gDocs page) and then you can sync thm back and forth. Add-ons (Extensions) Dave McRitchie's list at Android Browsers (Navigation and Usage Comparison Table) Second table Wi-Fi Broadcast, Desktop Mode, Text Sizer, Send to Browser, Tab History, Screen Cut, Webzine, Dolphin Reader, Full Screen Links: 5 Best Features of Dolphin Browser for Android (GuidingTech.com) 5 Must Have Add-Ons For The Dolphin Browser On Your Android Honeycomb Tablet Android Dolphin FAQs Links to some of Dave McRitchie's notes: Support - Links (dolphin/dolphin_newtab.htm#dolphin_support) Install of a number of Bookmarklets into Dolphin (olphin/dolphin_gestures.htm#fastinstall)

last updated 29 Oct 2013