Homewood Lake Tahoe

Quail Lake

Quail Lake is a 1.5 mi. hike from the main part of Homewood, or you can drive up Meadow Rd. or Ellis Rd. to shorten the hike to a little less than a mile.
It is about a 500 foot vertical climb to Quail Lake at 6,800' elevation.

The lake is actually a reservoir supplying water to parts of Homewood. It is stocked with beautiful catch and release trout. (fishermen must have special permits, as it is private), but looking is free. We’ve seen black bear, fox, mountain lions, snowshoe hare, eagles, and other interesting sights, especially early in the day. It’ very peaceful there, and quite beautiful, too. Insect repellent is a good plan, as mosquitoes and trout are excellent companions.

You can continue on from the south end of the lake up a trail, which may be hard to find, to the fire road which goes by the remains of the old Noonchester mine to Lake Louise at 7,740 feet. From their you can follow fire roads back down to the bottom of the ski hill.
If you're real adventurous you can bushwhack (mostly open rock with a few trees) to Ellis Peak at 8,700'

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