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At age 70 I had a stent put in for a 95% blockage of my main heart artery.
I was in better shape than most of the people in cardio rehab so they sent me to Phase III (Sports Rehab), where the physical exercise physiologist said I was beyond their normal rehab regiment and since I indicated I'd like to get back to running he put me on The Narcessian program doing squats. He had worked under Narcessian for some time in his previous job.
Narcessian's proprietary program included his "Square Root Method of Progression" doing squats.

Robert P. Narcessian was a track coach at Brown University. He was a three-time track and field All-American in both the weight and hammer events while at the University of Rhoad Island.
He is a mathematician and expert in fitness and sports.
He developed the "Square Root Method of Progression" doing squats while at JFK medical center.
He is currently Director, Kinesiology and Motion Analysis, Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences; President, Motion Analysis and Performance Solutions (MAPS), LLC, Ridgewood and Morristown, NJ.

Janet Smith Leet, New Jersey's High School Cross-Country Athlete of the Century and 10 x Collegiate Division I All American, trained under Narcessian while in High School in NJ.

Janet is the director of the Sub 5 camp for girls 12-18, where she offers a Narcessian Running Mechanic Training Program
It is a motor learning sequence of training that teaches the body and mind how to fire muscles correctly. The program includes safe and effective both lower & upper body squats, as well as how to combine the two; how to do a lunge safely and correctly; how to walk up and down steps safely and effectively. This is effective through a level of understanding of how gravity and momentum work. This is all done in an interactive inspiring session that will leave you thinking and self-correcting. You will learn how to run up and down hills safely and effectively, while using the terrain to your advantage.

last updated 21 Oct 2015