Note: These notes were designed for trips out of Clair Tappaan Lodge, so there are many references to CTL items, but the rest is generic for other trips.

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This page contains contacts and other leader notes for Calif-Nevada committee run from the Clair Tappaan Lodge (CTL).
Some 2008 trips.

Trip Leader Notes

Clair Tappaan Lodge (CTL) Official Web Site:
P.O. Box 36, Norden, CA 95724
19940 Donner Pass Road (old Hwy 40), Soda Springs
Phone: (530) 426-3632 or (800) 679-6775 or (530) 414-1364 (emergency cell phone)
Lodge Manager: Peter Lehmkuhl Mobil - 530 913-6705,
  "Peter Lehmkuhl" <>

Claudia Hilligoss - Calif-Nevada Committee Chair - (510) 410-2020
Sophika Kostyniuk, National Outings, Operations Manager
"Sophika Kostynuik" <Sophika.Kostyniuk@SIERRACLUB.ORG>
Tony Rango, Director of National Outings - 415-977-5524,

National outings in Clubhouse (ExtraNet) ( - Contacts
Joyce - 415-977-5604; Tara - 415-977-5686

Ernie Malamud, Chair of the CTL Committee, - (530) 470-8303

See more National outings links below.

See the Tahoe Emergency Contact page for Sheriff, Forest Service, Medical, ... contacts.
Tahoe Rim Trail Association 775 298-0012

Backup Leaders:
Angela White and Les Atkins - Truckee 530-550-8215

Speaker Contacts:
Two of our favorite speakers are no longer available.
John Skinner, Retired Tahoe National Forest Supervisor, and author of Sierra Outdoors, passed away in 2009.
Phil Sexton, Interpretive Guide, formerly with the Forest Service at the now defunct Big Bend Ranger station and author of the Donner Pass Guide is now an Interpreter of cultural and natural resources for California State Parks in Sacramento CA.
For a reasonable fee, free dinner or other incentives he can be easily convinced to come back to his old stomping ground and give you an informative and entertaining presentation.

Donner Memorial State Park Information Center & Emigrant Trail Museum - 530-582-7892
Richard Boyden's Curriculum Research Page for the CTL Outdoor Ed Program has a lot of good information.
History of Clair Tappaan Lodge at
  There is also a silent video about the building of the lodge.
Tahoe Conservation here has information on keeping Lake Tahoe Blue.

Summer Recreation at
Hikes and trail information
Donner Pass Area Information
Free Day Activities
Lake Tahoe Info

Services - Resturants - Boats - Entertainment:

Transportation at the Clair Tappaan page.
National Outings Resources:
See Clubhouse Links for National Outings trip planning links.
Budget Information
CTL Rates/costs/room and board (
2009: Adults - $50; Children - $24